Dr. Michael J. Kim, Owner and President: After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maryland, Dr. Michael Kim attended the School of Pharmacy at Howard University. While earning his Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Kim served as the President and Secretary of the Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity and Treasurer of the APhA Student Chapter. In 1997, Dr. Kim completed his pharmacy school externship, with a focus on community pharmacy, at Grubb’s Care Pharmacy. After graduation, Dr. Kim officially joined the Grubb’s family as a lead pharmacist. In 2006, Dr. Kim proudly became the sole owner of Grubb’s Pharmacy.

Dr. Michael Kim also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board for CARE Pharmacies, Inc., Vice President at Ellicott City Pharmacy and Laurel Main Street Pharmacy, and President at Grubb’s NW Specialty Pharmacy, Psych Care Pharmacy, and Jessup Care Pharmacy.


Dr. Adrienne Russell, PharmD, Chief Pharmacist: Dr. Russell attended Morgan State University and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology. After working in the compatibility testing laboratory at Johns Hopkins University Hospital from 2003 to 2004, she entered Howard University School of Pharmacy in 2004 and graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2008 while serving on various committees and as class historian for her graduating class.

After graduation, Dr. Russell joined Grubb’s pharmacy as a HIV Specialist in 2008. She participated in many community outreach programs for the underserved with focus on patient empowerment and education in the areas of HIV and Hepatitis C. Dr. Russell provides injection training classes and specialized educational sessions for groups, as well as individuals. In September 2011, after working for Grubb’s Pharmacy for 3 years, Dr. Russell was named Chief Pharmacist at Grubb’s NW Specialty Pharmacy. Dr. Russell continues to promote patient education and empowerment through pharmacy practice using Grubb’s Pharmacy values.


Mia Barnes, PharmD, BCPS, Specialty Pharmacist







Yoosup Chang, Chief Operating Officer







Emily Clark, RN, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Certified Mastectomy Fitter







Daphne Carter, MA, Patient Care Coordinator and Mastectomy Fitter







Crystal Robinson, Facilities Rep







Russell Binion, Marketing Manager







Ray Montminy, RA rep







Cherly Coleman, HepC Mentor







Valerie Yunker, Lead Fertility Technician







Shanee Clairborne, Pharmacy Technician







James Woods, Pharmacy Technician







Jamal Richardson, Pharmacy Technician