Have you ever…

  • Been diagnosed with Hepatitis B?
  • Had kidney dialysis?
  • Shared manicure or pedicure tools?
  • Were you born between the years 1945 and 1965?
  • Served in the military?
  • Had a blood transfusion before 1992?
  • Had an organ transplant before 1992?
  • Worked with blood, blood products or needles?
  • Received blood products for hemophilia before 1987?
  • Shared toothbrushes, razors or other personal care articles that might have had blood on it?
  • Shot drugs, shared needles, cooker, cotton?
  • Shared drug equipment for snorting drugs?
  • Had unprotected sex?
  • Received a tattoo with equipment that was possibly contaminated?
  • Been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS?

If you answered YES to at least one question, you may be at increased risk for Hepatitis C.

Love Your Liver, a component of the HepC & Me program, is the first citywide HepC testing and referral program linking newly diagnosed patients to care and treatment.

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